May 11, 2009

how2heroes Anniversary Party!

Last week I went to Boston to celebrate the 1 year anniversary of As you've noticed in previous postings I LOVE this website, not only have I contributed to a few videos myself but I also work for them so I had to be there and celebrate this amazing achievement with the crew.

The cooking began the day before when Lynne and I —after carefully strategizing— decided what to cook: beef empanaditas (latin style filling), mini arepitas (filled with beans and cheese), Quinoa salad (with beets, asparagus & shrimp), whole wheat Brownies, mini potatoes with avocado mousseline, sprinkled with bacon and beef sliders (with spicy ketchup). We literally cooked and cooked non-stop until 3pm when it was time to shower and get ready for the party. 

We arrived at the Bulthaup Kitchen Showroom with only 1 hour to prep, but the whole h2h crew was there with crazy amounts of food in hand so it went smoothly. The party started at 6pm and everybody was hungry! the food table was constantly surrounded by people and the choices where endless. 

Now lets talk about the drinks! We where lucky to have 2 amazing guys bartend the party: Augusto Lino (from Upstairs on the Square, who has done more than 10 videos for the site) and AJ Rathbun (cocktail author & enthusiast). AJ created a drink just for the party, the "how2heroes sparker" with St. Germain and kiwi. Lino was shaking a Jean-Cauving Highball that had gingerbeer and whiskey. Both where amazing.

But there is more. The party also had "heroes" demos throughout the evening. It started with Bea & Anne (Lynnes mom & auntie) and continued with some of the best chefs in Boston. It was wonderful to see these great chefs share their recipes, tricks, techniques and most importantly, their passion for food. Here's the rundown:

__Jose Duarte (Taranta) made a Peruvian Crab Meat Causa with some great latin flavors

__Marjorie Druker (New England Soup Factory) made the most creative, refreshing and unique Gazpacho I've ever had. She is SO wonderful and has so much charisma. Loved her!

__Jason Bond (Beacon Hill Bistro) made Cavatelli Pasta that totally made me want to make it at home

__Eunice Feller (Bread & Chocolate) made mini whoppie pies and brought about 200 to share with everyone!

__William Kovel & Joshua Smith (Aujourd'hui) made a Garden Herb Marinated Chicken with Corn Ragu. This one made my mouth water, it just looked so delicious and easy to make, I promise to make it soon and post pics.

__Peter Ungár (the Dining Alternative) made White Miso Cured Cod. You HAVE to watch all his videos on the site, not only do they look delicious but they are absolutely beautiful!

The party was a big success and we all had a great time. It was exhausting but absolutely wonderful! 
I want congratulate my friend, boss and favorite foodie, Lynne Viera, for this amazing accomplishment. Thanks to you we all feel like heroes every time we cook! 


Amy said...

I so wish I was there with you learning and cooking and EATING! Glad you made it back safe and sound. Eugene said you made him a vat of Chili and c.chip cookies before you left. You are so awesome!

Anonymous said...

We were all so happy to see you, Carla. It wouldn't have been a true anniversary party without you.